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Intersalon's Demo Salon
Intersalon HQ, England

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This is a demonstration website from Intersalon

This website provides an example of online booking and eCommerce functionality built into Intersalon. Intersalon is cloud-based salon software available from any internet-connected computer, tablet or mobile.

Intersalon is a combined website and salon software system that enables the salon and its customers to access salon services 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

To read more detail about the full compliment of Intersalon features please visit the product web site at

Everything on this website is for demonstation purposes only, its an example how  Intersalon works so please try it out.

Any bookings you make with our fictitious stylists are just for fun, the shopping system will let you view and build your cart but you won't be able to complete a purchase and unfortunately if you report any hair disasters in the community section we can't promise good advice.

To get started, become a customer of our 'salon' by registering yourself on the Logon page and you'll be granted access to the online booking and shopping facilities. Make bookings, receive confirmation emails and see how easy it is for customers to manage theirSalon Account using Intersalon.

Complete the request form  Contact-Us and we'll send you a salon manager's login and you can experience Intersalon from the salon's perspective by logging into the Intersalon desk.  Here you will be able to view any bookings or orders you might have made as a customer and see how Intersalon can be used from within the salon.

Rock & Roll

Danielle Lekinski was called upon by punk band The Hoofs to style the hair of the fiesty rockers from Dublin. The band led by Bruce Slouch wanted the top stylist to give them rock perfect hair for their tongue-in-cheek fashion shoot. Danielle says, "The band were really a good laugh and lived up to thier hard living, rock and roll reputation....I used Black & White pomade to give them the 80's punk look for the shoot. " Check out our shop for Black & White products.