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Intersalon's Demo Salon
Intersalon HQ, England


With the Intersalon Desk the salon can create their own news stories which then get automatically added and indexed on their website.

Intersalon has built in support for RSS feeds that enables salon customers to keep up to date with latest offers at the salon without having to visit the salon's website


Intersalon also enables the salon to email and SMS news updates to customers.

We've added a few of our own news just for fun.

Rock & Roll

Posted on 18/03/2007

Danielle Lekinski was called upon by punk band The Hoofs to style the hair of the fiesty rockers from Dublin. The band led by Bruce Slouch wanted the top stylist to give them rock perfect hair for their tongue-in-cheek fashion shoot. Danielle says, "The band were really a good laugh and lived up to thier hard living, rock and roll reputation....I used Black & White pomade to give them the 80's punk look for the shoot. " Check out our shop for Black & White products.



Intersalon Real Time

Posted on 18/03/2007

At the heart of Intersalon is the capability to book your hair appointment by Stylist, Service, Date and Time and recieve a healthy discount just for the pleasure. Book your appointments in our 'Booking' section

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